Vale, Australian Literature: I’m done!

featured image: Michael Leunig, taken from the ‘ML Appreciation Page’ on Facebook.

An update on my *cough* ‘writing career’.

TRUTH. Yes. I’m over it all. I have decided – after 40 years, 6 books of poetry, hundreds of performances, Australian and American tours as a poet, and a shitload of publishing in various forms – that for the sake of my own mental health I am officially OUT of the writing scene.

I have recently been chased out of TWO women writers’ groups by crazed ideologues. I left one, joined another, and was actually followed, stalked and screenshotted there by one of these numpties. Two of the three articles I wrote and published last year were beset with problems because of narrow minded prescriptive demands from much younger people that aggressively demand everyone think, write and speak exactly as they decree (ie according to 1990s era ‘gender theory’ that seems to seep into EVERY discussion about absolutely ANYTHING – especially subjects completely unrelated to sexuality and identity.). These people fancy themselves ‘educators’ but they’re really just big fat bullies. I’ve stood up for minority rights my whole life but am now being treated like a pariah. An OLD one. Because AGEISM is the one ISM they don’t seem to have any problem with. They can all go and get fucked. I’m DONE.

It’s a shitshow, and no longer has anything to do with art. I’ll be self-publishing anything I write on my blog from now on and not engaging at all with the literary junta. Any writing contacts on here who I’m not actually close to have been removed from my personal Facebook page. I’m giving up on ‘networking’ and ‘making and maintaining useful contacts’. If you wish you can still follow me and my work here on my website and on my Facebook and twitter pages.

Confess I do feel a small amount of schadenfreude though, that those younger people who think they’re building literary empires founded on their own perceived brilliance and perfection are now completely unfunded. Litmags, humanities courses … all down the drain. It’s all an illusion of fame and power from a time that is now over, when the well-connected could advance by attending the right events and sucking up to the right people. These recent graduates are welcome to their useless ‘empires’. The Australian Government quite clearly hates intellectuals and artists so these people really should rethink their divisive and fascist behaviour towards other writers and learn what ‘solidarity’ and ‘acceptance of diversity’ actually means.

As for me, you’ll find me on my site and on the music stage, singing and playing cover songs. At least there one gets some appreciation!

PS. You won’t find me blathering on about my ‘special’ sexuality or identity there either, that’s between me and my partner and is nobody else’s business. It’s also pretty damned boring and I wish people would just keep their bedroom preferences in the bedroom and shut the hell up. Sick and tired of this ‘performative wokeness’ by narcissists.

2 thoughts on “Vale, Australian Literature: I’m done!

  1. Jewels from Oz

    What doesn’t kill us, gives us something to write about (another Julie had the words). I hope you will not resist expressing great themes and subjects whenever a fit of passion grabs you.
    And whatever the ducks say.

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