A Memorial Poem for Shelton Lea

A poem for the late Shelton Lea. Appeared in the tribute anthology, ‘All Travellers We: Poems for Shelton Lea’, Eaglemont Press.

Featured Photo ‘Shelton Lea at Cafe Jammin, Melbourne, circa 1985’ By Pamela Sidney


There’s a pretty good biopic about him on YouTube, which can be found here:


And of course the biography by Diana Georgeff, ‘Delinquent Angel’ (Random House Australia 2007).

In actual fact, his work was, in my opinion, largely under-appreciated, especially by the ‘literati’, who didn’t much appreciate his larrikin personality.
I should add that since his death there have been a number of instances of young poets breathlessly saying to me, ‘Wow, you knew Shelton Lea!  What was he like?’

I always reply, ‘You probably wouldn’t have taken him home to meet your Mum, put it that way!’  R.I.P. Shelly. ❤️