Being Parronts of Parrots


There are at present two humans and four parrots in our household.

It’s like living in a house full of three year olds.

Parrots really are not suitable as pets for most people;  they have complex needs, are extremely long-lived,  and when you acquire one you are committing to a lifelong relationship with a smart, sassy, independent, toddler who will love you passionately and whose heart you can easily break.  I refer to our parrots not as ‘pets’, but as ‘friends’ or ‘companions’.

All but one are rescues.  At the time of writing (September 2017), our oldest bird, Mr Graham the cockatiel, is twenty one years old. His companion, Sylvie, is sixteen.

The Galah (aka Roseate Cockatoo), aged four, has his own facebook page (Mr Tucker T Tucker) and over 70 followers.  (The photo is him at 6 months of age.).


We also have a young female rainbow lorikeet, a little sweetie named Birdy.


They are a big part of my life and will of course feature in future blog posts.


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