My chat with Melanie Tait, Talking About Parrots, ABC Radio 2/4/2018

It was great to have the opportunity to talk about parrots, a subject I am passionate about, on radio.  This chat covers a lot of the points made in the last parrot blog, ‘Things to consider before getting a parrot’. And I get to talk about MY flock!




4 thoughts on “My chat with Melanie Tait, Talking About Parrots, ABC Radio 2/4/2018

  1. craigscan

    You were terrific Liz. Should have ur own program on rn.

    I’m enjoying extended summer down here, swimming twice a week. Emotional blues seeing a very frail Jimmy Cliff, a couple a years ago he was jumping around stage like a teenager. Robert Plant was a blast… how has he preserved that voice! C xx


    Dear Liz, you are a very versatile person with so many abilities. I am truly jealous of your talents. I like this interview about parrots. I have also enjoyed your reviews even though I have just had an overview on the subjects of arthritis and poetry. As for poetry, I completely agree with this: “the two forms should not be in conflict because a great page poem is a great oral poem. “You can’t make something sound better than it really is.
    All you can do is find its voice.” (Powell 5)
    I have written short reviews for friends but this one seems to have been the best so far. Perhaps you would like to have a look:

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