Screenshots from the Archives


Liz Hall and Kim Downs perform poems from ‘Fit of Passion’ book and show, recorded at home in Brunswick Heads, 1995

I am looking forward to sharing archival performance videos from my active years in the Australian performance poetry/spoken word scene, which are winging their way to me as I write this.

These have been kept on either Pal or HTSC VHS tapes and have not been viewed in many years.  My sincere thanks to Hayley Joy Brown of Entropic Organ, Digitise and Convert for all her hard work in saving this material from turning to dust!


Interview still from ‘Liz Hall & Komninos Servos (sic)’, by Mark McCauliff, 1986



Screenshots of live performances ACTV, Austin Texas, April 1994


Panel, ACTV, Austin, Texas, April 1994. From Left: Unknown, Bob Clarke, Liz Hall, Alex Mellor (Krysinski), Dennis Woodley




Stills of Liz’s performances, Austin International Poetry Festival, April 1994



Liz Hall onstage in ‘Shelton Lea Presents The Radical Poets’, at The Punter’s Club, Fitzroy, 1989


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