The ‘Fit of Passion’ Archive: the performance poems #2


The first two videos from the ‘Fit of Passion’ archive, with more to come in the coming weeks.   These were filmed in 1994 or ‘95 at our home in Brunswick Heads.

In the live context, we performed the poems back to back, giving a woman’s point of view followed by a man’s, followed by a woman’s, etc.  The subject matter was broad, but mostly concerned with notions of ‘maleness’ and ‘femaleness’ and the challenges and consolations of both.  After this poetic ‘Battle of the Sexes’ we came together in song, demonstrating that gender harmony is, in fact, possible, and desirable. 🙂


‘Byron Bay Suntan’ canvasses the struggle for a positive body image in a world that objectifies women to the extent that our self-criticism becomes toxic and self-defeating. It depicts a series of ‘life moments’ on my own journey to self-acceptance and, eventually, self-love.


‘Building Site’ was written after a short stint working in construction in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1994.  It depicts working men’s lives and concerns.

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