The ‘Fit of Passion’ Archive: the songs #4. ‘Political Correctness Rag’

We wrote this satirical song together while on tour with the Ozpoets troupe in 1994. Hence it contains references to events current to the time, such as Hillary Clinton’s push for universal health care while serving as First Lady, and the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding skating scandal. It also refers to Bill Clinton’s infidelities and the fact that he came from Arkansas, which went down well in The Ozarks!

This period was when the term ‘political correctness’ first became popular. But to us, it seemed as if conservatives were using the term to vilify minorities seeking equality, while obsessing about other people’s sexual, religious, and lifestyle choices.

The term ‘PC’ now seems to be wider ranging in its application, and in fact we wonder if some would now find this song offensive. At the time, though, it was our way of saying, ‘We don’t care if you’re different from us, and in what ways, and we especially don’t want to know about your sex life’! ‘Avoiding labels is our bag …’



1. We don’t want to cause a scene

You might be embarrassed if you’re shy

We don’t want to make a fuss

We just want to make you laugh and cry

We don’t wanna miss the bus

You can understand that if you try, that’s why …

CHORUS: We’re not fascist, we’re not gay,

Our coalition ain’t pink or grey

We’re not yellow, we’re not black

We won’t laugh when you turn your back

We’re not racist, we’re not ageist

We don’t care if you look outrageous

Avoiding labels is our bag

Doing the political correctness rag.

2. We don’t mind that Hillary is an educated First Lady

(That’s better than a clothes’ horse)

We don’t know if Tonya did it

But if her truck breaks down we know she’ll fix it (Yeah, with a lead pipe)

And if Bill had some on the side,

Well he comes from The Ozarks and that’s why

But Hey! He’s a liberal guy


BRIDGE: Doesn’t really matter if you think we’re right

We sing the songs and you can go fly a kite

(That’s right)

3. We don’t care what drugs you take

We don’t care what things you do in bed

Pray to any God you like

Jesus, Money, Allah, Dope or Fred

We’ve got only one request

All we really want is just your bread

That’s why, we said …


BRIDGE: Doesn’t really matter if you think we’re prigs

Kites can fly, and so can pigs.

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