The ‘Fit of Passion’ Archive: the songs #5 ‘Hey Man’


The remainder of the ‘Fit of Passion’ video archives are from a live recording done on one crappy camera set up front of stage – complete with audience, street traffic, ambulance siren, poker machine and drinking background noise. I include these here as, despite being poorly lit with muddy audio, they are the only video recordings in existence of these works.

The first, ‘Hey Man’ was a song we wrote together around 1993. It’s essentially a music/spoken word piece about watching friends drink themselves into oblivion, and eventual early death.  It’s the only song we wrote with a reggae feel, and one of only a few written together.

The song appeared on the ‘Fit of Passion’ audio cassette that came with the published poetry collection (1996), and appears here as a live performance recording from the memorable ‘No Boundaries at the Boundary’ Saturday poetry sessions in West End, Brisbane, which was ably run by Douglas Broad and Jenny Scuffins over a number of years through the 1990s.  Hope you like it!  (And RIP Rocky.)

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