In Which I Am Portrayed in an Artist’s Book by RvB

Aw, I’m blushing!
Very chuffed this portrait of me was included in ‘On The Rod’, ReVerse Butcher’s Artist’s Book, a radical reworking of a physical copy of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’.

Launched in Melbourne, as an ebook and a limited edition hardcopy, in November, 2018.

I’ve crossed swords with a few fellow (male) writers recently who bizarrely STILL insist on trying to emulate the likes of Burroughs, Bukowski, Kerouac et al. Yes. They were considered edgy in the 1950’s.

But it’s 2018 now fellas, people other than drunken white men are now at the table, and so these tropes just come across as sexist, demeaning and misogynist.
FFS, Get with the programme!
(Yeah, I know, I just ‘hate men’ blahdeblah …’)

Here’s the post, and the art:

ReVerse Butcher, On The Rod, pp. 174-175

Portrait of Liz Hall Downs.

Liz Hall Downs is an incredible Australian poet & disability activist. Liz is one of the first & truest punk poets of Melbourne. You can check out her work online here:

Many of her books are available online as .pdfs, & there is a video archive too.

Liz is a total trailblazer. Her writing & performances pushed (and continue to push!) back against sexist culture hard. We have likely fought the same misogynists both on and off stage in a lot of different cities on different tours in different decades, but Liz did it first & paved the way. For this, I’ll always be grateful! She is one of the first touring Australian women poets that I met, and remains a great friend and supporter of others.

Thank you Liz. ❤

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