My historic #MeToo Collection

The previously published work has been lifted from other collections and compiled here as a full manuscript, in a permanent ‘Page’ rather than a Blog post.

This year, 2019, the poem ‘safe’ will appear in the Australian Picador anthology ‘#MeToo: Stories from the Australian Movement’, so it seemed an opportune time to collect these poems.

Click HERE to access it.     The #MeToo Poems

While I was trawling through all my old publications, I found this piece of fiction – ‘Fears – Size/Quantity – Margins’ – that I had the sudden realisation is also a part of the #MeToo theme.

I recall that I felt embarrassed by this piece’s very existence for many years, and often rued that I’d taken an older mentor’s advice and included it in the poetry book, ‘Conscious Razing: Combustible Poems’.  But now, all these years later, I realise my mentor was right. It is a powerful,uncompromising, and out-and-proud feminist  piece, and, to be honest, reading it in 2018 just gives me the chills.

This is, in actual fact, a fictionalised record of some of my own twenty-something #MeToo experiences, before all of this even had a name.

Access it HERE.   The #MeToo fiction: ‘Fears – Size/Quantity – Margins’, self-published, 1986




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