Living in Lockdown – Gonzo Weekly

My ‘living in lockdown’ story and photos dropped in May in ‘Gonzo’ from the UK.
Gonzo is all about music and art and it’s continuing value in our lives.
The current issue covers our response to Covid-19, and how creatives are coping with lockdowns all around the world.
And the Ian Anderson story -which is really about the amazing people on the ground feeding the needy in the UK – made my heart sing.
Link to the whole mag, as a free download or PDF, is in the blurb below. I’m on pages 25-9.
Many thanks to Alan Dearling And Jon Downes.

The author photo of me was taken by Mary Brettell in 2016 at the BUG (Brisbane Unplugged Gig) while performing with ‘Swamp Penguins’.

From Alan Dearling:

Everyone is finding their own rhythm and ways to spend time in these Covid times. Mine includes writing, walks, taking pics and sharing online. But, most of all, I’ve been encouraging friends and colleagues around the world to share their ‘personal stories’ for publication. Of course, there’s music, arts and other things in the magazine too. But the Covid stories are a light year or two removed from the government statistics… and are from Greece, Canada, Spain, London, New Zealand, the USA, Australia and Scotland. You even get some magic mushrooms from Somerset House!

More to come from Russia, Lithuania, Madeira, the Netherlands and more in future weeks…

Check it out:


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