My YouTube page of solo poetry performances from the 1980s and 1990s.

Archival poetry performance videos:


  •  An ABC TV spot, around 1996-1997, performing the poem ‘prem’ from the ‘Writers of the Storm’ anthology (1993) as part of the Poetry documentary, ‘Voices’.
  •  A 1985 or 86 pilot video shot at Cafe Jammin in Middle Park, Melbourne, on Street Poetry – featuring me and Komninos Zervos in  performance and interview. Filmed and edited by Mark MacAulliffe.


  • My Solo performances and Slam poetry rounds from the Austin International Poetry Festival, 1994 (Ozpoets American Tour).
    NB: there are two pieces in this list that Really need a ‘trigger warning’, ‘Dead Women’ and ‘Is Sexuality an Issue?’ Both of these were written as part of a ‘pick topic out of hat, write and immediately perform’ event And deal with the sexual assault, harassment and murder of women. They are angry pieces, and could be distressing for some.


  •  And just for some levity, two videos from 2019 of Mr Graham my elderly cockatiel having his morning bed cuddles, and playing his morning whistle game! He is 25 years old and my ‘special boy’.
There’s a further YouTube playlist coming up in the next blogpost which contains the work of both myself and my partner Kim Downs. These poems and songs were part of a joint publishing-performance-audio-workshop series project, ‘Fit of Passion’. This show – a large of of which examined gender norms – was developed during the Ozpoets American tour, funded by Arts Queensland. A book and Audio cassette (remember them?) were released in 1997.

You can find a scanned version of the book for free download on this website under ‘published poetry collections’, and Links to the spoken and sung audio files on Soundcloud under the ‘Fit of Passion’ pages.

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